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The MBD Group Moves HQ to Austin, TX

The MB Davis Group has decided to expand our presence in the lone star state by moving our headquarters to Austin, Texas. While we will maintain our office in New Jersey, we felt a move to Austin would allow us to better serve our exceptional clients in the oil and gas, commercial real estate, construction, chemicals, and retail industries.

“We moved to Texas in order to work closely with our current clients and expand our services to other corporations that may be facing similar problems. Many companies invest a lot into their insurance programs without a solid understanding of their coverage and are left exposed to a multitude of problems without proper damage control. Commercial insurance is complicated but understandable. Through our consulting, we give our clients a better understanding of their commercial insurance program and equip them with effective business solutions,” stated Mitch Davis, our Senior Managing Member at the MB Davis Group.

The MB Davis Group comes to Texas with over 100 years of combined consulting experience, as well as an expansive clientele consisting of companies spending over $500,000 per year on their commercial insurance programs. We perform a thorough analysis of each insurance program by gaining a complete understanding of our clients’ businesses. Then, we work alongside the existing insurance broker to evaluate and purchase the insurance policies the business requires while scanning their coverage for cost inefficiencies and potential risks.

To summarize, Davis added, “My priority is to protect my clients.  We carefully examine their businesses and consider worst-case scenarios and threats to their viability.  Then, we work with their brokers and insurers to design and implement better, clearer, and more efficient insurance.”

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