Oil & Gas

Safety considerations drive a large part of the Oil and Gas industry as well as a large part of our clients’ insurance requirements. We work with our clients in setting up a risk management and insurance regime that helps take care of their employees while still assuring that issues are resolved as quickly and equitably as possible.

A company’s claims history plays an important role not just in managing their insurance, but in managing their contracts; a particularly poor history can prevent you from landing new jobs or lock you out in the middle of an existing one. With this in mind, we also review our clients’ pollution coverage and risk management protocols to keep the number and complexity of claims as low as possible. By reviewing your claims with you and your insurance company, we make sure you aren’t unreasonably penalized for past issues and your work history is accurately reflected.


High impact areas we review:

  • Controlling and forecasting Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Factors
  • Controlling and recapturing collateral from High-Deductible Insurance Plans
  • Workplace safety and claims review
  • Pollution Contract Review
  • Supporting contract negotiations
  • Coordination of insurance coverage

Industry Insights with Mitch

How well do you really understand your company's insurance?

Our risk management audit process also helps you better understand your company’s insurance program.