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We bring a disciplined, methodical approach to insurance due diligence.

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Let us handle the complexities of your merger, acquisition, or buyout.

If your company is involved in a merger or acquisition, your due diligence work should include analyzing all the relevant commercial insurance programs.

You need to ensure that what you’re buying has adequate coverage for risks and liabilities, without any surprises, and you need to develop a plan for how the insurance will look after the deal closes.

We offer custom acquisition due diligence services for businesses across all industries.

The complexity of business transactions and operational changes can make it difficult to assess and identify potential risks. Fortunately, we’ve done these many times.

We will perform a thorough commercial insurance due diligence evaluation to analyze the commercial property and casualty insurance program as well as your past claims and future claim potential. We also ensure that existing and future policies will supply adequate commercial liability protection and develop an insurance transition plan to support the transaction.

After a comprehensive due diligence report and analysis, our team can:

  • Point out insurance flaws or potential exposures in the asset or company you’re acquiring
  • Recommend and design coverage improvements and renegotiate deficient policies
  • Support your contract negotiations
  • Prepare post-acquisition budgets and support negotiations with your lender
  • Develop a roadmap to help you transition the insurance coverage during the merger, acquisition, or buyout

The results of the due diligence evaluation will be described in a formal Insurance Due Diligence Opinion and Report that can be presented to investors and lenders.

We manage risk exposure while enhancing the value of your company.