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Chemicals Industry

Chemicals Industry

We eliminate the stress of complex commercial insurance management.

Accidents in the chemical industry lead to unique insurance challenges. Frequently, it isn’t clear how policies interact to cover the various issues – injuries and otherwise – that arise from a given claim.

These conflicts are inherent to the chemicals industry due to the nature of a chemical exposure. Even small issues can lead to widespread effects; chemical leaks can remain undetected for many years, leading to the accumulation of a pollutant that is only detected when health problems in the surrounding community start to arise. Meanwhile, in larger events, it might not even be clear who is liable – after an earthquake or a flood, many different chemical manufacturers could suffer containment losses simultaneously, resulting in even greater confusion.

Regardless of the nature of a given claim, we work with our clients to coordinate their coverage before the accident happens so that the claim is covered properly without becoming confused between insurance carriers.

High impact areas we review:

  • Coordination of internal insurance program coverages
  • Adequacy and breadth of pollution liability and clean-up coverage
  • Trucking and transportation exposures
  • Fire and property insurance
  • Employee safety
  • Disaster Recovery and Emergency planning

We’ll manage your commercial insurance, so you don’t have to.

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