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Construction Industry

Construction Industry

We eliminate the stress of complex commercial insurance management.

Managing construction insurance starts with the contract, not with the insurance policy. But often, not enough attention is paid to the insurance provisions of construction agreements. We are closely involved in negotiating these provisions so that all parties know what they’re responsible for. Once this is accomplished, we then design insurance programs that properly address the situation.

Having completed a thorough assessment of risk before starting, you won’t have to worry about issues arising that keep your project from being completed. If one of your contractors is forced to stop working, you won’t need to spend time negotiating with them and related insurance companies – all of that will have already been taken care of in advance. This keeps small interruptions from turning into big ones and means that you won’t lose money waiting for your building to be finished.

High impact areas we review:

  • Supporting successful Owner/Contractor contract negotiations
  • Negotiating and managing sub-contractor relationships
  • Verifying the adequacy of sub-contractor insurance
  • Professional Liability insurance
  • Builders’ Risk and Soft-Costs Exposures
  • Regulation and certification
  • Pollution risks

We’ll manage your commercial insurance, so you don’t have to.

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