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Senior Care Industry

Senior Care Industry

We eliminate the stress of complex commercial insurance management.

Senior Care presents unique difficulties because of the way that professional and general liability overlap. We work with our clients in this industry to get them the specialized, personalized policies that they need in order to take these considerations into account.

This industry is also unusual in the number of workers’ compensation claims that it generates. Thankfully, we have experience mitigating this risk and work with our clients to implement the techniques and practices that can reduce this disruption to their business. At the same time, by working with our extensive industry contacts, we help our clients maintain comprehensive coverage while keeping premiums down.

High impact areas:

  • Coordinating general and professional liability coverage
  • Umbrella Liability review
  • Insurance premium management
  • Senior Care Workers’ Compensation
  • Loss Control and claims review

We’ll manage your commercial insurance, so you don’t have to.

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