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We eliminate the stress of complex commercial insurance management.

We thoroughly assess our real estate clients’ risks and insurance exposures, whether they’re buying a new building or engaging in lease or development negotiations. This process is ongoing. We continuously make sure that they have the appropriate protection, no matter where their properties are located.

Every building, every acquisition, and every mortgage is unique. Our prior experience in real estate gives us a broad understanding of how insurance policies, legal requirements, and contractual banking obligations interact, allowing us to design a specialized insurance program that fits your needs. Meanwhile, our comprehensive approach to risk management allows us to correct and anticipate potential issues before a claim is even made. That way you can focus on fixing whatever issue is at hand instead of unexpectedly having to fight with the insurance company and the bank over the money you’re owed.

High impact areas we review:

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Lease and financing negotiation
  • Contract negotiations with management companies
  • Insurance issues of development, remodeling, tenant-fit up, and construction.
  • Windstorm and flood coverage in high-risk areas
  • High-risk tenants and high-exposure occupancies
  • Coordination of insurance programs
  • Property-specific loss management

We’ll manage your commercial insurance, so you don’t have to.

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Our risk management audit process also helps you better understand your company’s insurance program.