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Four FAQs That Make Commercial Insurance Less Confusing

How do you deal with a commercial insurance problem that’s become so confusing and frustrating that you can’t figure out how to even begin to solve it? And how do you adapt when that confusion made worse by feeling completely out of your element?

We have many clients that came to us with exactly such frustration. Business insurance is a specialized field and an essential service for your company, but it’s so far outside of the working knowledge of most professionals running the businesses that they often don’t know how to deal with it. All they know is that it’s expensive, it’s confusing, and they need help to understand it.

Here are a few frequently asked questions – and their answers – to make dealing with your commercial insurance less frustrating.

Is there a way for me to understand our commercial insurance?

Yes. Working side by side with an expert consultant will allow you to take advantage of their knowledge and experience to build a comprehensive commercial insurance program that works right for your company. This takes the burden of managing your coverage off your shoulders and lets you focus on your business.

Isn’t “insurance consultant” just another name for a broker?

Insurance consultants are not brokers. We don’t sell insurance. Consultants can offer objective advice and complete a thorough analysis to make sure that the coverage you have truly protects your assets. Brokers sell you insurance. In the complicated commercial insurance market, you need more than a broker to fully understand your coverage. That’s when the expert consultant is hired.

What exactly will a consultant provide over a broker?

An insurance consultant comes to the table with a wealth of insights into how to protect your company’s assets. They know what to look for in an insurance audit and take the time to thoroughly understand you and your business to provide the best possible service. A commercial insurance consultant becomes your partner, working with you and your broker to plan, implement, and manage cost-effective insurance and risk-management programs while providing a higher level of expertise.

How does hiring an insurance consultant help my company?

An expert consultant can help you with all your insurance frustrations, from finding ways to deal with skyrocketing premiums to reviewing contracts for risk exposure. Most businesses realize the benefits once working with a consultant and retain them after the initial need has been solved. Nothing compares to the confidence gained in their entire insurance program by knowing that their risk exposure has been minimized.

Say Goodbye to Your Commercial Insurance Confusion

Commercial insurance can be hard to understand, but it is possible when you have us on your team. Working with an expert consultant can clear your plate of your insurance woes, even though insurance program management isn’t always at the forefront of business owner’s minds for contracting out. The professionals at MB Davis Group have decades of experience managing our clients’ commercial insurance programs.

We’ll get you more comfortable with what you’re buying as well as the entire insurance procurement and management process. Large, technical problems are easier to solve with the help of an engaged, experienced expert.

Commercial insurance is complicated — we’ll help you understand it.

Check out additional FAQs on our website for more information. For more clarification of the differences between a broker and commercial insurance consultant, watch is short video Why you need a commercial insurance consultant.

As we see it, the best way to clear up questions that you may have about your business insurance is to give us a call (201) 723-0193 or fill out a contact form requesting an initial consultation. This will be time well-spent; you will walk away with an understanding of how we can assist you.

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