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Are you confident that your insurance policy covers everything your business needs?

It's our job to take the worry out of your insurance coverage.

Meet Mitch Davis


Ensure adequate protection for your real estate.

If your company is invested in real estate, it’s imperative that you protect it from risks and liabilities. There are countless potential risks, including property losses from natural disasters or terrorism; environmental conditions; changes in market value; and crime. If your property value is harmed, your revenue, brand equity, shareholder value, market share, and security could be jeopardized, too.

Ensuring that your organization has adequate commercial property insurance requires research and expertise – thoroughly reviewing environmental reports and unknown, pre-existing conditions could uncover hidden risks.
When purchasing real estate, you need to secure the right commercial property insurance coverage before closing the deal – ensuring your umbrella limits are appropriate.

We handle negotiations with prospective carriers and line up comprehensive coverage at competitive rates, administering your insurance program to save you time and money.

Our expertise spans across industries.

We’ve helped clients in various industries across the world to cover uninsured exposures, protect real estate investments, negotiate lower policy rates, and simplify insurance programs that cover multiple commercial properties.

We have advised clients with commercial property insurance consulting needs that include the following:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Pollution liability
  • Remediation coverage
  • Protecting new construction in a hurricane-prone area
  • Lead paint liability
  • Consolidating policies to cover dozens of buildings without separate terms and timelines

How confident are you in your company's insurance?